If You Like Sex, Admit It!!!

Don’t be shy nor pretend that you are Mr. and Mrs. “No dirty”! Hypocrite! Who doesn’t like it anyway?!

My ex- boyfriend birthday party on the beach in Sydney, Australia. Barbeque, swimming, and laughter. I was so happy even though there are a couple of peoples around who made my tummy get sick.

I was opening my clothes and they were so upset.

“Your behavior is too much! Shame on you! Don’t open your clothes over here!”

Just staring at them with my funny look.

“This is my kimono. Everybody knows I am wearing my swimsuit inside!”

“It’s inappropriate! What is your religion?!”


I was not in the mood talking with those guys. If they were not my ex boy friend’s, I will shut their mouth up! I did not care and run away from them. Swim.

After a while, I came back and walked along the beach which surrounded by high cliffs. From distance, I saw those crazy people above and competing themselves looking down to the beach. Their eyes were opened wide. Amazing!

Hahaha… This is it! I spoke loudly to them, “If you like it then see it! Don’t pretend that you don’t! Incredible, isn’t it?!”

There were lots of girls half naked lying on the beach. Naked is not allowed but half naked is oke. Beauty! They made me jealous though! Hehehe….

I could see red faces of those guys! Good!!! They should be!!!

The next day, Friday night, I went to Kings Cross, sex commercial area in Sydney. I had an appointment with my friend in a place where we used to hang out called Underground. But, it was not easy to find free space to park my car, so I had to drive a bit further. And of course, I had to walked a long the way those “sex kiosks and arena”. It’s oke. According to my opinion, it doesn’t matter as long as you know what to do.

I love waliking down that street by myself. Not to be asked nor to be bought! I like looking around. I always laugh imagining what happened with those people who just got out from those places. Looking at those “unspeakable” faces had turned on my wild imagination and fantasy.

In coincidence, I met a friend of mine who also student from abroad who worked over there. We had a chat for a while. Suddenly, my eyes focused on a couple of those guys who just walked out from “Live Concert”.

“Oh, no! They were Indonesian as well!!! Who are they? Maybe I know them!”

Seconds later, I just realized. My goodness!!! They were those crazy guys that I met on the beach the day before. Hahaha….

Their faces were blinking! Full of glitter!!! They must be done something inside!

I could not help not to tease them all. I waved my hand to them and shout again, “Do you like those “milk”?! Two times for me!!! Hahaha….”

They run as quick as possible! With shame and anger for sure. I don’t care! Maybe I am just a “stingky bitch” but I don’t like hypocrite! They had stopped the evolution of human being’s way of thinking. Primordial!  They had to be slapped. Wake up!!!

What did I do anyway?! Doing something inappropriate?! Come on! It was only in their mind, right?! I might just disturbed everybodies eyes.  Hehehe….

If you like sex, just admit it!!! Is it too much?!

Mariska Lubis

About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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4 Responses to If You Like Sex, Admit It!!!

  1. VALENTINO says:


  2. Ella Meilia says:

    regarding sex, give more infos, thanks.
    ellameilia@yahoo.com ; ellameilia@gmail.com ; ella.meilia@ikpt.com

  3. rozyafrial says:

    “They had stopped the evolution of human being’s way of thinking. Primordial! They had to be slapped. Wake up!!!”. Really like this part

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