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It’s fine if you do not want to be a politician, but do not ever refuse to become a sex politician. Remembrance!! Political Sensuality… Hmmm….

The idea of this writing due to number of questions, “How could someone who learn politics but eventually ran into the world of sex. What is the connection? Don’t you ashamed? Don’t you feel “cheap”?

The answer is quite easy, sex and politics are affiliated very closely related. It is a copulation in life and the marriage of these two could either make this world better or contrary worst.  And actually,  sex is politics and politics is sex. It’s very much depend on how we want to make it.

Besides, I never feel embarrass with what I am doing. I know exactly what I am doing and I do not need any judgmental judgments or anything else. I am just trying to give something to this world, and hopefully it means something for a better future. If there is anybody who thinks that I am cheap, I said, “That’s the best thing of being a sex politician. You can leave your opponent struggling with their own fantasies and minds. It makes easier for me to achieve my goals. So much fun!!!

You must ever heard  story of Cleopatra, the beauty. She put down a lot of men’s heart and even the greatest hero. Also the sexy spy Matahari, who collected valuable secret information by her magnificent role in bed. Or rumors about John F. Kennedy and Marylin Monroe. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Shocking sex facts that shakes the world.

History taught us that sex is very much valuable for politician. Not only to win the election, but also to “dissolve” his/her opponents. Sex is the greatest weapon ever!!! Let’s see the story behind Prince Charles and Lady Diana. What has happened?!

Ramayana epic also told us about how sex pretty much influencing political situation and condition. When the leader had ambition toward sex or when sex is used to fulfill ambition, everything will reduce to rubble. It is common to give sex pleasure and services in order to gain some projects or to have a deal and agreements. It is also an ordinary to ask for sex pleasure and services in order to be pleased. It is also universal behavior to use sex to be number one and powerful. Assurance of tyranny and hegemony, right?!

Anyway, this article is not meant to tell stories but I want everybody to realize that sex politician is real. It’s not just a hocus pocus nor just a piece of waste. It is a fact and it is real. As Freud and Foucalt ever said, “Sex is  a source of power to achieve goals.”

The perception of sex itself is very limited and the picture of politics is very narrow. Sex is all about “in bed” and politics is suck. Meanwhile, the problems continues especially when we relate those two words with ethic, moral, and believes. As the consequences, effort becomes nothing, and will is only a day dreaming.

Selling your charm and good looking face to attract people is excellent.  Hypnotize others by  your great and beautiful  figure to follow you is fine.  Put under the other by  your nice and comforting voice is bright.

I am not saying that I am not doing all of these. I do, too. I believe that sexual attraction is needed and in fact, it is the best way. People tend to judge people by its cover. They like to see what they want to see. They want to listen what they want to hear. The basic  concept of spectacular  primordial spectator ’s way of thinking, remember?!

Just like another theory of politics, a real sex politician should have capability in taking all advantages of every opportunity. No matter its size or amount.  At any risk, no doubt.  Do not masturbating your mind with the questions of sex intercourse, but you have to see it  in a broader sense.  Good communication ability, proper body language and gesture,  awareness of “the right position and the right movement” are the main requirement. Look at how Arnold Swazenegger won the election. For me, he is a real sex politician.

The question is, “Why are you doing it?! What is it for?! Are you sure it is for a better world or it’s just  a passion and fixation?!”

A true sex politician (not a false one) must have extensive knowledge, open mind, a strong stance, and open heart. There are a lot of subjects to understand and to be understood. And the more compilation of words we had, the greater chance and choices we have. The stronger the thoughts and convictions, the more heart-owned field, the better we are. Leave immediately the principle of “From Me, By Me, and For Me” and replace it with “From him/her, by him/her, and for us”. Focus on mutual interests and for the happiness together.

Think about “explore and exploration” and you’ll get there! Atomic maximus orgasmus!!!

Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of yourself,  others, and the environment with the best. Take advantage of all the excess till the limit. Cover the shortage by continuing to study and learn. See, hear, and feel. Understand and reflect. The result would be incredible!

Be a reliable sex politician! Shake this world! Make it a better one!!!

Mariska Lubis

Indonesian Version: Politikus Seks

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