Dignity of Love

Recalling the time when being alone and lonely with anger. Waiting under uncertain condition is really mind-numbing. Never like it and always hate it. Especially if it is not supposed to be happen if time management is keen to be managed.

Piranha called an alligator a couple of times to organize the time. She remembered that alligator ever said that he had only limited time. He had to spend and spare his time only to meet. He did not care what Piranha thinks and thoughts, because he appreciates “inside” rather than its packaging.

Instead of wasted his time, she took the risks and consequences. Left all priorities and focus on what he actually needs. A pile of important papers for the future, why not?!

Crocodile is crocodile of honor. He claimed that he is in a straight line and does not like wings, but words may say. Word is true but word can be proven. Inside and outside are in line. Process and result may be equivalent; nevertheless process is not for ever and a day in the same track with its result.

“Traffic  jam.”

“Wasted time.”

“Be patient.”

“Have a respect.”



Piranha will always be a piranha. Bipolar disorientation with uncontrolled emotional behavior. Happy means full of excitement. Sad resources tears of falling.  Laughter earns exhilaration.  Anger resulted bloodshed.  Patient is commitment and commitment is within.

“Liar, liar pants on fire.”

“To the point.”


“Thousands of apologetic.”


“No more.”

“Dare not to dream.”

Forgive, forgiven, forgiving but not forgotten. Fail to remember will be only a masquerade of straight thin and fragile line. Dances with wolves will never abide the shadow of the moon. Remembering assured the word of committed sacred vows.

Under the moonlight kisses, dignity of love is spoken. The falling rain witnessed the moment. Feelings could not be denied. However, love is love. Love is all indeed.

Secret garden story will never end the last of Mohicans. Jezebel with silver spoon in her mouth can not be broken.

FÜR, Il lungo, ni se wo,” said Mei of Merbabu to the prince of Muna’s charm.

The parade is not over yet. Crocodile of smokey drumbully is not an alligator. Piranha will never have enough blood to bite. A long journey is still ahead. Once is an adequate amount.

“I might be nothing but I have my pride. Dignity of love may not be up to snuff but self dignity is a certainty.”

Hug and kisses,

Mariska Lubis

About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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