Carving Sex On The Star In The Sky

pplq.wordpress.comReach for dreams by hang up aspirations and hopes in the sky. Get and grab the star. For me, the star is not a dream or hope. All has their own star and all are stars. How you carve it then?!

Crump are scattered and wasted. Discarded in the trash to become untouchable and disgusting. Created and pledged not to have meaning, purpose, or benefit. There is no honor at all even respect.   Soul of the crump is disappeared and gone astray without any trace.

Sex becomes a scattered and wasted crump. It is so easy to be despicable and dirty also disgusting. It seems that is has no meaning, purpose, or benefit. Its honor and respect are limited only for physical pleasure in a piece of meat between one’s crotches. Soul and spirit of sex was vanished somehow and somewhere.

Sacred has made sex into taboo but taboo has turned it into crump. Sacred has made sex openly wide but open has turned it into waste. Taboo and open are the same. Those two has made the sacred of sex itself turned into forgotten matter. Forget that sex is actually the beginning of life and life itself. Our life in the past, now, and then.

Taboo and open have result the life that we have at the present moment. It is a very anxious, unstable, and worrying life. The star seems to be closed and covered by thick clouds and fogs. The star is becoming too high and difficult to reach. It is a contradiction of rational and irrational which logic and illogic. Faith, belief, moral, and ethic was corrupted and reduced within narrow and limited space. Trapped all just in the capacity of ritual and similarity. Dwell only on the surface around without going and diving in a deeper to touch its base. Making anomaly and differences are a mistake. The same is true. Different is wrong.

The rights, obligations, and freedom are based on a promising change. Making all struggling and spinning in an endless circle. Pole and camp become a reference to attract and push each other. It becomes not easy to be free and have a star.  As if closed all possibilities to have a star and to become a star. Does the Almighty does not give any choice?! Don’t you think choices are the one that make us equal in any differences?!

Do not want to consider on how if sex is still just a scattered and wasted crump. What will happen if continues?! What will happen to the future?! Do the stars still remain the stars?! Do the stars will linger bright and shine; even if it was dimmed and die even earlier before?!

Sigh in deep and long make me keep asking and questioning. Try to find the answer of all. I probably will never stop asking even though there are a lot who get sick, tired, annoyed, and angry with all of the questions I have. For me, the answer is a new question. The more answers the more new question that I want to ask. And probably, it will never end and endless. Just let me ask. I do not want that crump scattered and wasted.

Sex is very valuable and precious for me. It is the greatest gift given by Him. It makes me here today and has made the life that is now until today. It will continue until the end. Sex is the beginning of life and I do not want sex is the one who ended it. Even if it happened, should I stand still and do nothing?! Where is the appreciation and honor?! How about dream?!

Crump is crump but it does not mean worthless. Why I should let them scattered and wasted if it is the answer that makes the star remains bright and shine?  Providing a better future life. Carving sex on the star is my dream and ambition. I want all still have the stars and become a star.

Clouds and fogs may close and cover the stars but I do believe in the sun behind it that will never stop shining. There is the wind which able to change direction and flow. Pole and camp can be  fully unified and balance each other without having to pull or push each other. Besides, all still have the same estuary. Just pass it away to whom who gave all of this. Who else?! The Supreme, definitely.

Think right and do the right. Different does not always mean wrong or incorrect. The same can be dangerously drawn us. Carve the star is not easy. It needs efforts, patients, and strong commitment. All is possible. All has a star and all are star even though the star is high in the sky. True love makes it all possible and real.

Warm regards,

Mariska Lubis

Indonesian version: Mengukir Seks Pada Bintang di Langit

About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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