Crocodile Committed Commitment of Love

Croco's In Love

Expressing days of committed commitment, piranha learned about crocodile’s eggs and ginger. The reasons of priority and also philosophy of tukang becak (becak drivers) toward sex. Smokey drumbully of seven flickey horse which is really terribly wonderfully donkey horsey.

La tua sparí, E io, pazza, t’aspetto !

La notte…  la notte…  la notte…  Ah!

“I miss you and I love you.”

“I love you. Missing you, heaps!”

“I will come to you.”

“Oh, really?!”

“I can’t stay now and just wait now, my hands then go so impatient; many things I’ve got to do now for the first ray of the morning.”

“I can’t pass the time no more.”

“Just wait for me.”

Piranha said about sex and leaders. Crocodile said about sex and tukang becak. Both are sexually politically art toward freedom and happiness. Orgasmic moments.

Again, words may say but words can be lounged.  All are the same though not all are equal. Position remains important from legacy to birthright. “Sex and politics” is turmoil. To see, to hear, and to feel are not easy to do but saying. Experiences and history had spoken.

“So many things to do and so many ways to have.”

“So many ways to choose, only one heart to belong.”

“Committed commitment.”

“Significant and essential. First is first.”

“Cynical ! Who am I?!  Urgency and important.”

“What is the urgency of being important?!”

“Just the way it should be.”



“Position and priority.”

Love struck the moonlight. A kiss heals a broken heart.

“I will never ever fall in love again, but you.”

“I will never ever acknowledge your promise again but your love.”

The day has end and saying good bye is always full of tenderness. Time will come but there are so many times to exterminate. Time is circling. Alone will be alone again. Ready or not. We are is what we are.

“Love will find their own way but committed commitment should never fail if love is true.”

Che si lancia come
l’onda poi se ne va

Hug and kisses,

Mariska Lubis

About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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