Seven of Seventh

Seven eyes with seventh sigh

Seven days of the week. Seven minds to read. Seven mouths to feed. Seven donkey horsey. Seven smokey drumbullies.

Numero sette. Lucky Seven. Sette errori.

Count Dracula counts everything and so does Piranha. Those who bet on seven should know that seven is also the limit. Seven missions with seven ignorance. Seven committed commitment of love words. Unfortunately, it will never reach the seventh sky.

“Where is your friend?! It is very hard to reach him. His phone is off.”

“How do you feel?! Is it good to call someone who do not turn on his phone?”

“Are you quipping me?!


“All right then.”


Satire only works to those who know that it is true. Right or wrong. True or false. Seven red face and seven boiled heads are proof.  Words are wasted, seven of seventh have reach its peak.

“Enough is enough. Politician sucks.”

“What do you want to do?!”


“Are you revolting?!”

“I do what I can do and what I have to do.”

“The end of evolution and civilization.”

“Come on….”

“Time does talk and time will talk.”

Once is an adequate number and seven is beyond the limit.

“I am insane and I do believe in insanity. But it has to be true. Love may say but love also spoken. Who do you love?! I am sure it isn’t me but your self. You are too good to be truth to tell the truth and to see the truth.”

I am waiting for the right moment to say the word that I can’t say.  I don’t like being treated as if I am an excessive even if I do and even if you do love me and I love you. I am peaceful enough to wait but I do not have to be else just to have you and be with you. I am your seventh heaven and we are in paradise if there is not only word of love spoken.

To the seven of seventh, I repeat.

“How could you be so sightless and hard of hearing?! Where is devoted love of heart you said to me?! When can we really make love. I remain waiting eagerly not bashfully. ”

Hug and kisses,

Mariska Lubis

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About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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