Cold Hand of Warm Heart

My lovely croco Ocean dropped from the sky. The air frizzed everything alive and still. Warm blanket and make love is needed to keep things lust. Cold does not always mean stiff and warm heart will always makes the worlds smile.

The journey to make every dreams come true is not easy. Do not have enough time to sleep is the risk. Taking a long way above the road is the consequences. Take it or leave it?! It is a matter of choice.

“Eye to eye”

“Icy eyes.”

“Frosty hands.”

“Warm heart.”


“Contract and agreement.”

Things should be seen differently.  Sometimes things should be tasted in unusual way. Breaking the comfort area and change it with contentedly special orgasm. At least for the shake of reasonable reasons; “To be awake and not to get having a lie-down.”


“Inside, please!”

“Promise is a promise.”

“Trying is not a promise.”

“Do the best you can do.”

“Do the things you want to do.”

Live music inside small and crowded café, live music on the street, or even live music on the stage. Appreciation is the most precious applause. Good music should be appreciated but how to be a star there are steps to climb. Though everyone is a star and everybody has its own star, but it very much depend on how you carve it. What do you want it to be?!

“Why did you come to me at the first time?!”

“When I love somebody I become very shy until the time talked to me.”

“Why did you run and hug me so tight?!”

“It is not easy to change attitude and customs but I do want it.”

“What are you looking for?!”

“I am searching the things that everyone needed.”

Crocodile may look big, strong, and scary. His sharp teeth and extensive mouth are only physical. Crocodile never cheat and crocodile stays only with one love. Crocodile even raised baby crocodiles on his mouth though has to be suffer with hunger.

Crocodile likes to stay on the water. Occasionally stays in land to get warm of the sun. Daring itself to get into a new area with all the risks and consequences is rare. Only a great and brave crocodile who have the will with “balls” who dare to do it. Horsey Dorsey of smokey drumbully crocodile should be appreciated.

“I love you, my croco.”

“I love you, too, fee run hack.”

Don’t judge the book by its cover. The world is not as big as a leaf. The sky has no limit. To be or not to be is a matter of choice. Which one which?! It relies on what you want to be.

“No one could see the beauty of the world when love is only word of saying. Broken wings are not the reasons not to fly away and high. Love conquers everything. Love is all indeed.”


Hug and kisses,


Mariska Lubis

Stories of Crocodile and Piranha, ML Sexually Politically Art

1. Crocodile of Honor

2. Dignity of Love

3. Crocodile Committed Commitment of Love

4. Make LoveBeneath Diversity

5. Piranha’s Questions of Love

6. Crocodile and Piranha; Answers and Questions

7. Seven of Seventh

About bilikml

Saya adalah saya yang memiliki cinta untuk semua. Biarlah semua yang saya tulis menjadi ibadah, hormat, dan pengabdian kepada Yang Maha Kuasa agar berguna dan bermanfaat bagi semua yang saya cintai, Indonesia. Long lasting love for lust.... Freedom toward never ending and never last happiness.
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